Mainardi Management Co. is a commercial real estate investment, management and leasing company located in Wayne, New Jersey. The principals of the firm are all members of the Mainardi family. Mainardi Management currently manages 11 properties, all located in New Jersey, totaling approximately one million square feet. At present, the company only manages and leases properties in which it holds an equity interest. The firm has grown slowly but steadily over the years, and continues to add select real estate to its portfolio when it becomes available.

Mainardi Management was first formed in 1987 as a partnership and recapitalized as a corporation in 1996; however the company's origins and traditions go back to 1929.

In that year, Andrew Mainardi Sr., grandfather of the current generation of Mainardis, graduated from NYU law school and passed the bar exam in New Jersey. He set up offices in Paterson, NJ, just before the stock market crash and the beginning of the Great Depression. During those difficult times, the only steady work which was available was foreclosing for banks on mortgage loans which could not be repaid. While doing this work, our grandfather became acquainted with the intricacies of acquiring and owning real estate, and shortly began putting together investment groups in the Paterson area to purchase and resell foreclosed homes.

During the 1930's and 40's our grandfather had three sons, Andrew, Jr., Edward, Sr., and Richard, Sr., all of whom went on to become lawyers during the late 1950's and early 1960's, creating the firm of Mainardi & Mainardi. Given their experience in real estate law, it was only natural that local property owners hired the firm to represent them when developing properties or acquiring commercial real estate. The success of the firm's clients, in turn convinced the family that investment in commercial real estate could be very lucrative, and in 1967, the family purchased its first commercial property, the Middlesex Shopping Center located in Middlesex, NJ. Richard Mainardi, Sr. was designated to run the property, which thrived under his leadership. This shopping center is still owned by a branch of the family.

Sadly, we lost Richard, Sr. in a plane crash in 1984, and Andrew, Sr. died in 1987. Christopher joined the property management side of the family in 1983, the same year as Stephen passed the bar and joined Mainardi & Mainardi. Andrew, III came on board in 1984, and Richard, Jr. joined Mainardi Management in 1993. Edward, Sr. died in 2008 and more recently, Andrew, Jr. passed away in March 2015.

Although the personnel has changed over the years, the family's commitment to its principles and its partners has never changed and the firm has grown to a full service development, management and leasing company well-respected by its peers.